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What Are the Best Alcohol Varieties for Various Occasions?

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Drinks have been regarded as the perfect companion for any occasion. A concoction made of fermented grains, fruits and honey, alcohol had been discovered as early as 2700 B.C. in Babylonia while the Sumerians in Mesopotamia were the first to invent beer between 3,000 to 2,000 B.C. and consume it during any religious festivals. Alcohol was a part of the staple diet of the Egyptians and the connection between liquor and celebration could be traced in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and Plato’s Symposium, some of the famous Greek literature pieces. Alcohol has played an influential role in the past and even today, any occasion is considered incomplete without proper alcohol. And thanks to the popularity of dial a bottle facility that choosing the perfect drink for any occasion is no more a hassle.

But with so many varieties of hard drinks available, isn’t it difficult to know what to drink and when? Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event or anniversary celebration, every drink has a perfect occasion. Champagne for business meet or beer for a birthday party? If confusions like these leave you troubled, we can help you out! This blog will enlist the best drinks for various occasions.

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A. Wines: According to your preference and taste, you can choose from a wide variety of wines at any online liquor store. While a drink like wine can be served on any occasions, some go best with particular dishes or are ideal for dinner parties and romantic rendezvous. There are two types of wine:

  • White wine: Perfect for serving at a dinner party, particularly before the main course. You can even serve a glass of white wine with salads, fish and shrimp. White wines are best drinks for raising a toast to mark a significant moment, achievement or memory.

  • Red wine: The delightful aroma and sweetness of rich red wines make them ideal for having at sit-down meals. If you are planning to arrange a dinner date for your loved one, pairing a good red wine with pork or lamb dishes will leave you both feeling exultant. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of red wines that are ideal for such dinner dates at an online dial a bottle Calgary store.

B. Beer: As one of the most common alcohols, beer is the most-sought after drink because of its great taste. Moreover, the power of a glass of chilled beer is amazing! Drink it and you instantly feel refreshed on a hot summer afternoon or after a tedious day at work. You can drink beer in various situations. For instance: your friends are coming over to your home to watch a football match or you have a night out plan with your best friend, a bottle of beer is certainly the best ‘friends’ drink.

C. Champagne: Not often will you see champagne being uncorked over informal friends meet. Why? Because champagne is an ideal celebratory drink. An elite drink like champagne is uncorked to celebrate a special moment or achievement. For example: if you have won a high-value business deal or any of your client has bestowed appreciation for your hard work, raising a champagne toast among your guests will make the moment more memorable, even after many years. Likewise, if your boss has invited you to his home for the first time, gifting a good bottle of champagne can win you accolades for your effort and dedication. In addition, by availing a dial a bottle service, you can pick champagnes of the premium brands from the comfort of your home.

D. Whiskey: Like champagne, whiskey is also an ideal drink for celebrating any important achievement you have made recently. Originally used as a medicine when it was first invented, drinking whiskey in moderate amounts is still known as a good remedy for various health problems. Meeting your friends over a game of poker at your home? Great! A glass of ice cold whiskey and some mouth-watering snacks can spark up some interesting conversations or help to have a good laugh after a long time. You’ve had a hectic day at work and after returning home, you need something that will help you to unwind and relax. In such a situation, a peg of premium whiskey is enough to melt all your stress away and make you feel relaxed.

Conclusion: More the choices, more the confusions and this is exactly what happens when you have so many kinds of alcohols but don’t know on which occasion you must have them. Nevertheless, with the information discussed above, the next time you avail a dial a bottle service, you will already know which drinks will make the most appropriate sip for your occasion.

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