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Pairing Whiskey from a Dial a Bottle Service with the Right Food

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We all have our favourite wine and food pairs that can perk us up even on our darkest days. How we love the fusion of flavours, tannins, acids and aromas that work perfectly with all our favourite scrumptious dishes! Apart from wine, do you know which is the other drink that people are loving to experiment with? It is whiskey! Not only are they giving a shot to the latest whiskey flavours and brand but also exploring the incredibly delicious opportunities that arise from the union of whiskey and food. As whiskey continuous to thrive among the younger generation, it’s natural to expect a good number of extraordinary whiskey and food combinations in the next few years. So, are you planning to avail a dial a bottle service & get the finest whiskey home delivered? Hold on! First, take a look at these wonderful whiskey and food pairings and double the joy.


The Best Whiskey and Food Pairings

1. Whiskey and steak: A nice, juicy and delicious grilled steak deserves an equally excellent dram of whiskey to perfectly complement it. In the world of whiskey, this pairing work wonders on multiple levels – the intense seasoning of the meat exalted by the spirit’s caramelized sweetness is where the fun just begins. If you are confused about the whiskey variety to choose from a dial a bottle store, Irish whiskey and steak is a match we would all love to get into. However, there are ample whiskey options available and it all depends on your preferred cut of meat. If Islay scotch whiskey works well with rib-eye, Canadian Rye’s piquancy matches better with sirloin. So, don’t stop yourself; switch on the experimentation mode to discover your favourite whiskey and steak combo!

2. The smoky whiskey and food pair: You can find a wide number of whiskeys that are delightful for their smokiness. The smokiness is the result of the way peat has been used or due to the aging of the whiskey in charred barrels. Smoky whiskey is best savoured with any smoked food, meat, fish or sea food. If you are fond of lighter whiskies, pair The Balvenie Doublewood with smoked salmon and you’ll never forget this pair! The tinge of sweetness in the drink is best savoured with the sweet, soft flesh of the fish. Medium-bodied whisky and mackerel, another smoked fish, is the other irresistible whiskey and food pair. The next time you order smoky whiskey from a dial a bottle Calgary store, you know what food to have, right?

3. Whiskey and cheese: Did you think cheese and wine are the only perfect pairing? You’re quite wrong there! If you didn’t know, cheese and whiskey are also the best buds. The way the whiskey intrudes slowly into the richness of the cheese is what makes this pairing memorable. However, it is better not to eye fresh and mild cheese for most whiskies will oppress the soft, creamy flavour. Go for a nice, old cheddar and pair it with any smoky whiskey. If you love spicier whiskies, strong blue cheese would be an ideal choice. Light fragrant whiskies that have a hint of sweetness combine well with soft goat cheese or brie.

Conclusion: These are the best whiskey and food pairs that you can enjoy at all times, whether you are winding down after a long day or hosting a party with your close friends. If you’re thinking that you need to be a whiskey connoisseur in order to create the best whiskey and food pairings, that’s not the case. Just have a clear understanding of the flavour and characteristics of the whiskey varieties and play with ideas freely. Remember! The greatest whiskey and food pairs are born when you experiment without inhibitions and fears. Calgary Dial a Bottle is a first-class dial a bottle service provider, delivering a wide range of alcoholic drinks at your doorstep. Feel free to explore and choose from our exclusive collection of whiskies and we’ll deliver it safely within an hour. For more information, call us on 403-918-3030.

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